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Cory Doctorow portrait by Jonathan Worth, Creative Commons BY-SA

The reason my hope for the future and my hope for the internet are bound up is that it's hard to imagine how we can meaningfully change the world if we don't have the possibility of a free and open internet to use to organize that change.

Cory Doctorow

Welcome to The Cory Doctorow Wiki

We’re a collaborative community website created for the purpose of transcribing the talks and interviews of Cory Doctorow. Anyone, including you, can help out: Just click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

The idea behind this wiki is that the things Cory Doctorow talks about – digital rights, the internet, DRM, wealth disparity, freedom, control, censorship and how copyright law reaches into all of these topics – are so central to the direction our society will take in the next century that it is very important that it is possible to find, search trough and quote his thoughts on these matters.

Thank you very much to everyone who wants to help out with the transcription effort! Before you dive in to it you should take five minutes to read about some tools and other info that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

This is a 100% not for profit, volunteer effort.

There is no way to fight oppression without free and open devices and networks. So it's up to us to demand the freedom layer on our devices and to enable that struggle. To be cyber-optimists, to secure the network and to use it to coordinate the struggle for our freedom. To jailbreak every device, to crack every censor-wall, to seize the means of information, and with it liberate the planet.

Cory Doctorow

Talk of the fortnight

Every fortnight we focus on a specific talk and collaborate on transcribing it in a collaborative pad. That way it's extremely easy to jump in and help out with the effort for as much or little as you want. No account, coding skills or anything necessary.

This week we work on Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned

Want to help out? Just go to the pad right here and start typing wherever you want! :)



Read or contribute to the transcripts of Cory Doctorow's talks. [Prioritized]


Read or contribute to the transcripts of Cory Doctorow's interviews. [Prioritized]


Sometimes Cory starts off a reading of an article or a book with some thoughts at the beginning of the podcast episode. The article/book doesn't need to be transcribed, but some of those thoughts really should.


A chronological list of all of Cory's podcast episodes, including talks, interviews, book readings, etc. If it's a talk or interview you will also find it on the respective pages for that. If it's something else it probably doesn't need to be transcribed. [Not prioritized]


Find or add to a list of Doctorow's most interesting articles. No transcripts, obviously, but a nice way to find texts relevant to your interests. Maybe we could also add a short summary of each article? [Not prioritized]


Should we also have a list of all of Doctorow's books with a short summary and put them in a category, so that those who wish to find everything Cory has said about a specific topic will be able to find it all, including his books, through a link in the Message section bellow? [Not prioritized]


This is the place to list and link to the tags/categories/topics of the different transcripts and articles. That way you can go directly to a list of texts about the topic you're most interested in.

The list will be expanded when there is more to add. Feel free to help out by adding tags to the transcript pages :)