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I am a big fan of the open source movement myself, but I think the author is underestimating the power of the free market here to outcompete bad ideas with good ones.

Firefox has effectively beaten IE, Linux is beating closed source programs in large part (more so every year), and is seems likely that insofar as any significant subset of people want open source/secure/high quality products over their inferior closed source competitors, they will create/purchase these things into being.

Tangentally, I would like to see Mr. Doctorow look more into the idea of completely abolishing IP as an enforced legal construct as proposed by some libertarian authors such as Stefan Kinsella (, and likewise more strongly rejecting state violence (i.e. laws and taxes) as a means of "advancing" society unless absolutely necessary. While state run schools and state-friendly media make this seem unwise at first glance, the ideas of liberty and freedom grow ever stronger with investigation and reflection.