Wil Wheaton reads “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free”

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Published: December 19, 2014

Website: craphound.com, Archive.org (Not found, please help)

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About: «I’ve posted the first chapter of Wil Wheaton’s reading of my book Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free (which sports introductions by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer!), which is available as a $15 DRM-free audiobook, sweetened by samples from Amanda Palmer and Dresden Dolls’ “Coin-Operated Boy.”»

Additional info: This book seems to be the sole exception from Doctorow's "rule" about always publishing his books for free online at the same time they are published in bookstores. If you can find it available for free and legal download anywhere please add a link here. In the mean time this episode needs to be transcribed (book readings normally don't need to be transcribed, a link to the book is better).

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